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How to Get the Most out of Rhodes Island, Greece

Today, Rhodes Island is one of Greece’s most popular islands to be visited by tourists. The 1400m2 of land is greatly varied, with a mountainous interior of forests and quaint villages, to shores with high rise hotels and beach resorts, as well as medieval towns and ancient ruins.

The mythology of Rhodes Island

A visit to Rhodes Island isn’t complete without learning about its rich mythology. You see, the island’s patron god is Helios, the sun god. The story is that Helios fell in love with Rhodes, a nymph. He shone his light on her which transformed her into the stunning island we know by the same name.
Now, let’s take a closer look at the two sides of Rhodes Island’s heart, that must be experienced to get the most out of your visit:

Rhodes Beaches

Rhodes Island, thanks to being engulfed in the Aegean Sea is blessed with an array of beautiful beaches. Beachgoers delight at the sight of the beaches following the east coast of the island, with finer sands, full amenities and close proximity to beach towns. The sub-tropical climate with an incredible 300 days of sunshine each year makes it a true pleasure to visit.

Here’s a look at what makes some of the top Rhodes Island beaches so special:

Agathi beach:

Set in a cove which means calm waters and a picturesque setting for young families. It’s also worth a stop to the nearby Feraklos Castle.

Lindos Beach:

Ideal for watersports, a spot of lunch or just gazing at that gorgeous azure blue sea.

Glystra Beach:

Shallow waters and parasols make for a perfect environment of serenity and escapism.

Ialyssos Beach:

For sunbaking, windsurfing in crystal clear waters and then indulging in the conveniently-close night-life.

Historic sites

Rhodes Island was occupied by many ancient empires throughout history, beginning with the Stone Age. This was predominantly because of the island’s advantageous location for trade.

Here are some of the top historic sites on Rhodes Island to visit:

Old Town Rhodes

Rhodes Old Town, at the capital, is Europe’s oldest medieval town that has been continuously inhabited. The city’s walls still stand, and the Street of the Knights, complete with medieval inns is impeccably preserved. Tour the Palace of the Grand Master, to view the artwork and artefacts influenced by the different cultures which occupied it throughout history.

Village of Lindos

The ancient Village of Lindos is an archaeological delight encompassing the acropolis, Tomb of Kleovoulos, Doric Temple of Athena, evidence of a Hellenistic burial site and much more. The acropolis proudly sits atop a commanding rock and provides evidence of over three thousand years of history.


Another of Rhode’s three ancient cities, Ialyssos occupies a position on Mount Filerimos, and can now be found via a cypress tree-lined road. At Ialyssos, you’ll find temple ruins, the ruins of Byzantine fortification walls and a Doric fountain house or ancient water supply system.

If you like your beach vacations with a side of culture and history, Rhodes Island, Greece is truly the place for you.