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About Rhodes Island – The city outside the medieval walls

is an unexpected combination of contemporary architecture, green spaces. numerous shops, cafeterias, and restaurants. What makes the town of Rhodes unique is the prominent co-existence of Venetian, Gothic and Arabic elements spread around the fabric of the city. The presence of the Italians is still alive with the impressive buildings in the city center. The strongest example of Italian architecture can be seen in The Prefecture of the Dodecanese building, which is a combination of various architecture styles. Formerly housing the Italian Governor’s Palace, built in I927, one can see the resemblance to the Doge’s Palace in Venice.

The Post Office building Was reconstructed by the Italian architect Florestano di Fausto, in 1927, and until today the use of the building remains the same. Other examples of architecture from the Italian period can be seen in the Town Hall, the National theater and the Church of the Annunciation [Evangelismos Church].

The visitors can experience the picturesque settings in Mandraki’s harbor with the statues of the two bronze Rhodian deer, which have become the symbol of the modern city. Legend has it that the Colossus of Rhodes once stood there marking the entrance to the harbor. Within a short walking distance are the windmills and the Fort of Saint Nicholas. A place worth visiting is Agora, which used to be the market and today you can find small restaurants and shops.

The hotel Des Roses, designed by Italian architect, Michelle Petracco in the early 1920’s, is a fine example of architecture during the Italian occupation. At present, the building is been used as a Casino and a hotel. Another place worth visiting is the Aquarium, located at the northernmost tip of the island. Visitors there can admire a variety of fishes living in the Aegean Sea, but it is also an important marine research center. The Aquarium was built In the 1930’s by the Italians in the art deco style.